The effects of war on children Then, you look through time, and you watch animals behave over years, decades, and centuries; at the speed of light. You see murder, mass bombings, yelling, shouting, fighting, and no food to come as a result of any act. In fact, with every stroke of destruction, the food becomes more scarce, economical struggle ensues, and each ‘leader’ of one country vs another preaches that they are doing the ‘right’ thing.

Yet, as a species — humans are dying, rapidly.

You look around — lions, tigers, and bears. All living harmoniously with one another, occasionally having a turf war, and fighting to provide food for their families. They attack another species to eat, protect the young of the parents they kill, and bring their prize home to share. Even in their most violent moments, they seem to understand the value of life.

Other animals appear connected to the Earth, they are in touch with movements of weather patterns, and they repeatedly avoid conflict whenever possible.

The effects of war on childrenThey do not stand, boast, and attack. Instead, they hide, stay quiet, and only respond if hard-pressed to do so, out of starvation, survival, or fear of destruction. As the years go on, and you continue to witness species’ behaviors, it becomes apparent that humans are actually causing an uproar on Earth. It reminds you of the former human species, another intelligent being, who were eventually endangered and then extinct. Time and time again, these humans are given a high-powered brain; yet, the human brain self-complicates.

Humans — these silly beings. They don’t even understand that by creating a home for themselves they are destroying the home for their future. Eventually, their planet will fight back — and win.

Other animals are living harmoniously, bathing in the gift of water given to Earth — enjoying the sunlight that doesn’t burn or freeze them, and gazing at the stars each night — respectful of the presence of something greater than themselves. These animals. So simple. So loving. They understand the importance of family and tribe.

Why would humans forget how to ‘feel’ just because they learn how to ‘think?’

At some point in time, all human beings are unable to communicate, typically at the beginning or end of life. Yet, in these moments, they seem to find peace. They seem to look, gaze, and smile. They feel.

Add a higher-order brain and everything goes to shit.

Consider this. Humans have the gift. What will they do with it? Will this species survive or will there be another attempt on human life? Each time, they get smarter, but it appears they’re not quite there.

I challenge you to be the difference. Help humans survive.