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Dr. Kareem Featured on NBC

Dr. Kareem was featured as ‘NBC’s Philadelphia Fitness Expert’ and called upon to do multiple segments to educate their viewers on health and wellness on a regular basis. You can see sample clips of his NBC segments here:


*Results may vary. Please read our full disclaimer here

*Results may vary. Please read our full disclaimer here

*Results may vary. Please read our full disclaimer here

*Results may vary. Please read our full disclaimer here

About Dr. K
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“My goal is not just mere Excellence. I’m always working to give my clients more. That’s the Dr. K Difference.”

I like to think I’m a fairly unique individual. How many people do you know who have gone from national level athlete to obesity sufferer with “irreversible” joint injuries? Probably more than a few. But how many of these people have overcome their health challenges, become a doctor of physical therapy, opened a fitness center and created a whole new style of training?

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On the right there, you can see me in all my glory during my big boy days. How did I get into this state? Well, things were good for a lot of years: during high school, I lifted weights, played sports competitively and, by my senior year, was appearing regularly for the USA East water polo team.

I continued to play water polo at Pennsylvania State University while I studied for a degree in kinesiology. But within a couple of years there, my shoulders began to completely fall apart. I later found out I had rotator cuff tendonitis, biceps tendonitis and two torn labrums. We’re talking about some fairly serious damage. In fact, my shoulders were so beaten up my doctor told me I was basically inoperable.

My Own Journey

I kept right on playing water polo anyway, loving every non-painful moment. I also finished my kinesiology degree and entered the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the University of Miami. But by the end of my first year, I had gained 30 pounds. This time, all of my joints started to hurt and my doctor wanted to test me for rheumatoid arthritis and Lyme disease.

As it turns out, I was suffering from… obesity. Finally, I began to put the pieces together and implement better strategies: I rehabbed my shoulders, strengthened my joints, lost 32 pounds and 17% body fat and, basically, changed my life. Today, I have no pain and feel great.
*Results may vary. Please read our full disclaimer here

*Results may vary. Please read our full disclaimer here

But really that was just the beginning. In addition to gaining my doctorate, I have become a certified Health and Fitness Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

I have also worked in some of the best hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and performance gyms in the United States. As well as
assisting patients, I have helped to mentor both personal trainers and physical therapists. All of this has led me to the point where I am now recognized as a leader in my field and regularly appear on television to explain ideas such as my new Metabolic and Neural Training Protocols.

My Personal Goal

My mission is to help people change their lives and I do this by constantly working to provide better products and service than are available anywhere else. That’s the Dr. K difference: more and better.

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Due to my role as a doctor of physical therapy, I am very aware everyone has individual requirements. For this reason, I have created an extensive network of sites to meet your needs as closely as possible. If you’re interested in the specific thinking behind Ab Strength Guide, you can find details on the Concept page.

Although my programs are tailored to help people meet particular goals, they all share a common basis: my Metabolic and Neural Training Protocols. I’ve quickly become known as the leading authority on both these cutting-edge fitness principles. Individually, they give amazing results but when you combine them in a program, it’s like your metabolism catches fire.

Thanks to my unique approach, I have already helped countless people rapidly achieve their health and fitness goals. I am here to provide you with a safe and effective way to develop a beautiful, dynamic body and strong joints that will protect you for the rest of your life. This incredible potential already exists inside you. Let’s work together to reveal it to the world!

Please direct any questions about how I can help you to: support@drkareem.com

Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS


Health and fitness results are difficult to achieve if you don't have a targeted as specific plan from the start. A properly guided exercise program involves goal setting...



Your body is programmed to hold onto fat.

You’ve designed it that way… I did the same thing, once.