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There Are 7 Reasons Your Metabolism Might Be Broken
-- And Only One Solution For Each.

You might be wondering what the point of trying another diet or exercise plan is -- or reseting your metabolism -- when you're bound to gain weight again. And you're right; that's likely to occur... unless of course you choose to work with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who's had the privilege of working with over 74,823 clients to date.

The diet industry wants you to believe you are overweight because of your choice in food, your hormones, your lifestyle, or because of your friends. But they don’t have a clue until they evaluate you, understand you -- as a person -- and how to adapt their recommendations based upon what you’ve tried before, what might be out of balance in your body, or the #1 factor that’s affecting your results, as an individual. Shame on them.

Getting in shape used to be a guessing game; I was 32 pounds overweight, thought I could try the same program my friend used to lose weight, and assumed my body was ‘different’ when it didn’t work. I blamed my genes, then I got mad, and then I tried again and failed. Eventually, I figured out my muscles were imbalanced, and my posture was hurting my results. So easy to fix!

I’d Rather Ask ‘You’ What Made You Gain Weight,
And Then Offer You My Recommendations.

It’s a matter of fact that no one is taking the time to really get to know ‘you,’ as a person while coaching you online. I believe this to be the major disconnect, and that’s why I’ve created a proprietary Metabolism Evaluation Tool that asks you every question I’d ask you in-person. It then compiles your answers, and helps me make recommendations for you as to the next steps to repair your metabolism, should there be anything wrong.

Personalization has always been one of the most important aspects of healthcare. Strangely, exercise and nutrition recommendations tend to fit a more general mold, and are offered to everyone, regardless of their past history or experience. That doesn’t make any sense...


The #1 Reason You Can’t Lose Weight - Fixed.

Metabolism Repair Plan is designed, systematically, to program your body to lose fat and get lean. Weight is a symptom of something else not being in alignment, so the first step is customization, and this happens during the MRP Assessment Module. After that, simply follow a blueprint to catch up to the Jones’ and other plans will miraculously start working for you. This isn’t about a ‘better solution,’ or ‘other programs not living up to a certain standard.’ Instead, this is about taking the proper first steps, before you begin any other program, and so you can get maximal benefit from it.

All you have to do is answer a few questions, follow some instructions, and take action. You’re going to love your body more than you knew possible, while we use body image as a ‘measurement tool’ in Metabolism Repair Plan.

If You Move, Eat, or Breathe Air -- This Is For You.

Step 1: Assess Your Metabolism Before Optimizing

It’s possible your metabolism isn’t even broken; but, if it’s in need of repair, you should find out. There’s a simple way to do this, and it’s a system-by-system metabolic assessment. By reviewing your medical history, exercise and diet experience (or lack thereof) -- along with family history -- we can learn a lot about why your body is responding to diet and exercise the way it is.

Step 2: Follow Your Metabolic Blueprint

From there, it’s as simple as making a few tweaks, and your metabolism will begin to improve as you start losing weight faster than you remember being possible.

Step 3: Sequence Health Goals Appropriately

Once your body begins responding ‘as it should’ to diet and exercise, we can deliver a logical progression of exercise to help you build a lean body. Before that, it’s more likely that you can get injured, get a lesser result, or end up frustrated and quitting.

Independent of your genetic potential, there is potential, and this is about maximizing your ability -- as an individual -- to lose weight and increase your metabolism.

A Few Minutes At A Time, For Just 30 Days,
and Only $0.50 Per Day -- That’s It.

For the next 30 days, give up your cup of coffee -- you’ll save both calories and money. Metabolism Repair Plan is meant to cost you less than your daily dose of caffeine, yet provide you with 10x more energy from day 31 onward. This is the ‘missing link’ in online fitness, and it’s the reason lesser educated in-person trainers and nutrition coaches have continued to be a great choice until now. Let’s even the odds, learn about you, and then determine which specific method will help your metabolism accelerate the fastest.

In order to lose weight, you have to first understand why you put on the weight, to begin with, and what’s been affected since. Slow and consistent damage takes place ‘inside’ your body as you gain weight, and one bodily system may be under stress without you even knowing it. That’s why I help you screen your health, step-by-step, and with a simple set of questions for you to answer. It’s basically no work at all, and then you have all the info you’ll need to make a wiser decision where to focus your health effort next.

74,823 clients later, we have a really good idea what human differences exist and how different people -- or bodies -- will react to our recommendations. Of course, nothing is 100%, but I’d say we’re over 99% at this point -- best guess :-)

Answer a few questions, read a few recommendations, and make an educated decision. Within your first hour after investing in Metabolism Repair Plan, you’ll already be finished with your first workout and know exactly how to eat for the day. The ‘simplicity’ of the whole process will be a sigh of relief.

Find The Proper Starting Point To Lose Weight,
Fix Your Metabolism, & Improve Your Health.

This is the most effective 30 day health plan I’ve ever created -- and it’s just $0.50 per day.

Within an hour from right now, you could be finished with Day 1. In Metabolism Repair Plan, I’m going to teach you what’s been holding you back, how to logically solve weight issues you’ve been experiencing for a lifetime, and the fastest way to solve them -- so you can go back to living, instead of focusing on improving your life.

I created this program to solve weight loss.

Yes, seriously. How will your body react when you finally start on the right step, advance forward from there, and disrupt your metabolism? How will people respond when they see you 30 days from now?

If you see even half the results of my other clients, you won’t be sorry. Go ahead and click add to cart below:


Just $15, once. (that's only $0.50 per day for 30 days.)
(no shipping needed -- delivered directly to your inbox.)

I told you I’m not holding anything back. Metabolism Repair Plan is my complete answer to weight loss.

Let This Message Echo
-- It Comes From All Of Us In Health.

I don’t deserve full credit for this system. Over the years, I’ve prided myself on developing an elite network of health gurus, nutritionists, medical research scientists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Dentists, Physical Therapists, and Medical Doctors. I’ve asked them every possible question I could, forced myself to memorize and apply their answers; and, eventually, I was able to integrate this material to teach you what I’m presenting today. If I learn of a better method, you’ll watch Metabolism Repair Plan evolve. I won’t hold anything back, and I won’t let pride get in the way.

The Way I See It, You Either Continue To Struggle
or Abandon Disbelief.

I'd tell you to think about this some more, and do what makes you feel comfortable, but results don't come from comfort. Results that count come from stepping outside of your comfort zone and trusting someone who's willing to trust you back.

CAUTION: You're Going To Have To Try.

Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours -- I respect you. You can't just invest in this program and do nothing -- it won't work without you fully committing. You'll have to bear down, prepare yourself, and decide fat loss begins now. Next week or month is too late -- do not procrastinate. Do this now.

This Sounds Simple, But It's Quite Complex
-- A Tested System For Success.

The approximate investment in my education was $250,000. Then, I started a Physical Therapy & Personal Training facility (one of the first of its kind in the world) for another $400,000. Third, I traveled the world and attended every conference I could to learn from the 'clinical experts' in fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation, and medicine -- another $350,000. That's $1 million and 15 years of effort, at full speed. Most people who know me recognize me for being intense and "getting things done" -- in the last 15 years, I've worked as much as most do in 45 years. This system came from sweat, tears, relationships, and a massive financial investment.

$0.50 Per Day & You Get Everything You Need To
Lose Weight Immediately.

It's easy to justify charging thousands of dollars for this shortcut to fat loss and your new body, but I've changed the way I do business -- I now provide in-person Physical Therapy and Personal Training completely for free, but on a strictly limited basis (there was only so high I could raise my rates before I realized that some of the people who needed me most would never have an opportunity.) I've found I can reach many more people through the internet, synthesize only the information that matters, and provide a step-by-step process for success. I've hired trainers and therapists, certified them personally with a Master-level certification process that costs over $10,000 for each certification. Our workforce continues to produce the 'in-person income,' and I've made it my life goal to reach as many people as possible with this information, because it counts, and because you count.

As such, I've figured out a way to monetize my efforts without having to charge the $280/hour I used to -- and this benefits you. Metabolism Repair Plan is an attempt at "ripping myself off" in the health market -- so far, my experience has been that the more generous I am in helping my clients improve their health, the more they become raving fans. I'm making you a deal here, in hopes that you'll help me spread the word; improve your health, and then help others improve theirs -- deal?

If you see even half the results of my other clients, you won't be sorry -- Go ahead and click add to cart below:


Just $15, once. (that's only $0.50 per day for 30 days.)
(no shipping needed -- delivered directly to your inbox.)

But, to add some incentive, and to be fair to the fact that I've never tried anything quite like this in fitness before, I'm going to make you act now -- here's how I plan to do that:

# of Copies Sold: Price:
First few copies... just $15 (only $0.50 per day) *Limited-time only
Next 1000... $99.95
After that... $147

So, basically, this will still be less expensive than a session or two with a personal trainer, but the quality of your health stands a much better chance to improve -- and without the bull. Now, it's a question of how much you want to spend while I prove your weight issues have a solution and we can form a logical plan, together.

If You Doubt or Don't Believe Me,
I'll One-Up You Again With:

60 Days of Risk-Free Investment

C'mon now -- no risk? That's right -- zero. For the next 60 days, even though it only takes 30 to see a ridiculous result, I'll guarantee your money. That's enough time to go through this program twice, mess it up the first time, and still see a result. What more do you want?

I give you my honor, my word, and my enthusiasm to succeed. As I said before, I believe in you, so I'm taking away every excuse you might have. It's time for change, and I won't let you off the hook -- the real question is: Are you ready for me?

That's how absurdly committed I am to your weight loss and health success. You will not lose this time -- I won't allow it.

And, to ensure you have no choice in this matter, I'm adding the following amazing bonuses to your order today:

Amazing bonuses if you order today
Bonus #1:
8 Free Rapid Fat Loss Workouts Designed To Accelerate
Fat Loss -- $67 value

Teaching you how to repair your metabolism is one thing, but your success long-term depends upon your ability to progress from a ‘normal’ metabolism to ‘accelerated’ metabolism over time. This way, if you make mistakes with your diet or exercise program, you don’t end up back where you started. The main challenge is that most people keep doing the same thing, instead of mixing it up, and doing so in the most logical sequence possible. Go ahead and get your first 8 rapid fat loss workouts, absolutely free -- and shortcut the entire process to complete fitness.

Bonus #2:
5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator -- $19.95 value

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. That’s why I created the 5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator: to get immediate results with a foolproof plan that is simple and easy to follow.

Bonus #3:
90-Minute VIP Coaching Call with Dr. Kareem

Get me in-person, and on the phone. This rarely happens, but I want to be sure you absolutely love Metabolism Repair Plan, and I want to do my best to ensure your results. So, in about a week or so, I'll be hosting a LIVE 90-minute Coaching Call, where I'll be answering your questions, personally. Naturally, there is limited attendance, so please act quickly while the offer is still good.

What Are You Going To Do?
Don't Be Silly & Lazy -- You'll Regret It.

This starts and ends with you. It's your call -- and it's important you make the right one. I'm not a particularly pushy person, but I know how to get what I want, and I want you -- healthy. My name, Kareem, means generous, so I'm not messing around and making a bad name for myself. I won't scam you, and I stand for the highest quality information available on the internet. If you ever have trouble getting a hold of our client care team, you can call the number above. It's really easy -- we'll get back to you, no matter what, and we'll do it quickly.

All of your excuses are now gone -- so if you weren't that serious when you started reading this page, you're in trouble now. I've convinced you, and I know I have.

30 Days From Now, You'll Be Certain That
Weight Loss Is Achievable, Rapidly!

So make the right move, and take some action -- time to simplify weight loss -- besides, if you get anywhere near half the results of my other clients, you won't be sorry. Click add to cart below:


Just $15, once. (that's only $0.50 per day for 30 days.)
(no shipping needed -- delivered directly to your inbox.)

I'm certain you'll succeed. Are you?

Spread health and happiness,


P.S. You're making a mistake reading the "PS" -- click add to cart. The price will go up, and you'll end up paying more for the same result. This is the best deal I've ever offered, and it's your call now.

P.P.S. The two bonuses I decided to throw in seem kind of unfair to my VIP clients, but that's not the way my clients actually think -- we are 'abundant,' meaning we want improved health, everywhere. Consider this a 'health cult' but without any further requirement outside of losing fat and spreading the word. You'll see how you feel, and you won't be able to help telling everyone in your circle. I love this plan, and I love you for joining our cause. Thank you.

Make Sure You Click Add-to-Cart Below
-- Your Health Depends Upon It:

So make the right move, and take some action -- time to simplify weight loss -- besides, if you get anywhere near half the results of my other clients, you won't be sorry. Click add to cart below:


Just $15, once. (that's only $0.50 per day for 30 days.)
(no shipping needed -- delivered directly to your inbox.)